Bridging the Gap Between Learning Objectives & Business Outcomes

Discover how to measure the effectiveness of traditional training and development programs, and how to better deliver measurable value in this episode of "The Learning & Development Podcast."
Bridging the Gap Between Learning Objectives & Business Outcomes

The Learning & Development Podcast - Measuring Impact With Bonnie Beresford, Laura Paramoure, and Kevin M. Yates
Measuring impact is notoriously difficult but without it, our profession cannot progress, and we won’t fulfil our potential. There is a huge role for Learning & Development in the upskilling and reskilling efforts required to plug the skills gap, but we won’t do that without holding ourselves accoun…

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💡 The Big Idea

The main idea of this podcast episode revolves around the challenges that Learning and Development (L&D) professionals face while measuring the outcomes of their training programs. The podcast guests shared their insights on how L&D professionals can leverage data, metrics, and evidence to measure the impact of their learning programs on overall business outcomes.

🥡 Key Takeaways

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