From Stumbling to Thriving: Exploring ChatGPT in L&D

Explore how ChatGPT can revolutionize workforce development, boost productivity, and transform learning.
From Stumbling to Thriving: Exploring ChatGPT in L&D

Discover how Ross Stevenson stumbled upon the potential of ChatGPT and generative AI to supercharge workforce development. Uncover the key principles for integrating AI tools into L&D strategies and how they can revolutionize learning experiences in this episode of the Learning & Development Podcast by David James.

The Learning & Development Podcast - How ChatGPT Can Supercharge Your L&D With Ross Stevenson
Without doubt, 2023 has been dominated by AI. Whether it’s through fear, anxiety, excitement or over-exposure, generative AI - and most prominently ChatGPT - has been at the forefront of thinking, development and investment as the world rushes to catch up with this emergent technology. But what coul…

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💡 The Big Idea(s)

Here are five arguments discussed in this podcast:

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