Are We Designing Work That Employees Love?

These revolutionary principles, presented in a compelling Harvard Business Review article, could change the way you view your workforce.
Are We Designing Work That Employees Love?

Are we, as Learning and Development professionals, truly fostering a work environment that our employees love and thrive in?"

Dive into the Harvard Business Review's insightful article, "Designing Work That People Love". This piece challenges traditional job design and performance management methods, arguing that many roles are stressful and unfulfilling, leading to high turnover rates. It's a thought-provoking read that will prompt you to reconsider how you can improve employee engagement and retention in your organization.

Designing Work That People Love
Resignations are at an all-time high, and companies desperate to fill vacancies are trying everything from pay raises to trendy perks. But those interventions are falling short, because the real problem, as the author explains, is that so many jobs are stressful, meaningless, and unlovable. Buckingh…
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