Why L&D Isn't a Magic Cure for Your Culture Problems

L&D is not a one-size-fits-all solution for organizational issues. Gain unique insights into identifying underlying issues that L&D can't resolve by itself and how to foster a learning culture.
Why L&D Isn't a Magic Cure for Your Culture Problems
Here’s Why More L&D (Alone) Won’t Solve Your Culture Problems
More training is not always the answer. If you’re not doing this 4 things already, than more training will not work.


  • Learning and Development (L&D) is not a panacea for organizational problems.
  • L&D cannot address the underlying issues of culture and leadership that may be causing problems.
  • Organizations should focus on L&D as a tool to support other efforts rather than a standalone solution.

🤔 My Take

As an L&D coach, I can relate to the author's perspective that L&D is not a magic solution for organizational problems. While training and development can certainly help employees develop new skills and knowledge, it cannot address deeper issues like culture and leadership.

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