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L&D Roundup (5/23/23)

I searched the web for unique resources to help you succeed in learning and development.
L&D Roundup (5/23/23)

I searched the web for unique resources to help you succeed in learning and development. Here's what I discovered.

🧠😲 We've Got Learning At Work All Wrong - Article
Are you tired of the same old approach to learning at work? It's time to integrate personal growth into your professional life! Learn how to empower your team, establish a shared vision, and create a culture of coaching in this article by Andrew Barry. Get ready to transform your identity at work and beyond!

✔️ All The Learning Methods Infographic - Article
This is such a nifty little graphic. Check it out for a quick rundown of learning methods!

🚀 Skill Transfer Explained - Article
Have you ever wondered how much we can expect to transfer between skills? Learning transfer is the idea that learning one thing can help you learn or do something else. It's a crucial topic in education but not easy to answer. Scott Young explores this and more!

⏺️ Record Incredible Videos with Tella - Tech Tool
I love tools like this. Super interesting if you record a lot of short videos. "Tella is your all-in-one screen recorder. Create demos, online courses, 1:1s for customers, promote your project on social media, and more."

🤘How to Shift from a Competency Model to a Skills Strategy - Guide
Are you tired of complicated competency models? Competencies are bloated with dozens of buzzwords and hard to manage, limiting your organization’s ability to analyze and adapt. Discover a newer and more efficient strategy focusing on skills that break the chains of outdated competency models.

🤝 Collaborate Learning eBook - Resource
A great resource on upskilling that leverages your most important asset, people.

Here’s Why More L&D (Alone) Won’t Solve Your Culture Problems - Article
Is your L&D team really solving your workplace problems? The truth is, building L&D products, solutions, or tools won't solve 99% of workplace performance problems. In reality, it's a behavioral and cultural thing. Ross Stevenson sheds light on what organizations need to do to create meaningful change.

🤖 How ChatGPT Can Help Your Job Search - Guide
Ready to level up your job search game? Learn how to use emerging AI technology like ChatGPT to your advantage in crafting keyword-rich resumes, values-aligned cover letters, and well-prepared interview responses.

Microsoft Loop - Tech Tool
Microsoft has released its answer to Notion! While it might not have all the features of its competitor, it's a solid start and I think we are going to see this tool catch up to Notion rapidly.

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